About Us

With the wealth of 5 years of experience behind them as producers of Latin music and cumbia on the international scene within the French agency Dérapage Productions, Grégoire Bouquet and Guillaume Laumière founded Boa Viagem Music in 2013.

Based in Paris (France) and Buenos Aires (Argentina), Boa Viagem Music’s purpose is to promote the circulation of artists on the international scene, develop a production/booking activity in Latin America and organize tours in Europe and the rest of the world with the same energy and enthusiasm.


Over the past few years, Boa Viagem Music’s founders have had the pleasure and privilege of working with world-famous artists like Toto la Momposina (Colombia), Celso Piña (Mexico), Chico Trujillo (Chile), El Hijo de la Cumbia (Argentina), Cumbia All Stars (Peru), Sonido Gallo Negro (Mexico), Bareto (Peru), La Dame Blanche (Cuba), Ana Tijoux (Chile), Dengue Dengue Dengue (Peru), Julieta Venegas (Mexico), Orquesta Tipica Fernandez Fierro (Argentina), Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto (Colombia), Terrakota (Portugal), Juana Fé (Chile), La Makina del Karibe (Colombia), Al Jawala (Germany), Orchestre International du Vetex (Belgium), Escalandrum « Piazzolla plays Piazzolla » (Argentina), Bloque Depresivo (Chile), Antonio Rivas (Colombia), …

Furthermore our experience in the live performance sector has lead us to serve as managers, concert organizers, event producers, communications managers, in addition to our main activity of tour organizers.

Boa Viagem Music’s founders helped to bring Cumbia (the most popular musical trend in Latin America, present everywhere on the continent, from Mexico to Argentina) to international attention, and they are consultants on Latin music for institutions, festivals, etc. Their project is to facilitate the circulation of artists in the new Latin sounds movement and to accompany the revival of Cumbia as a major musical trend.