Que Tengo

Que Tengo

Que Tengo, a real bomb of Tropical Energy !

This hyper-vitaminized quartet delivers an explosive cocktail of modern cumbia and Afro-Caribbean grooves that the charismatic singer Ambar shakes into an unfailing mix of exhilaration and dance. Listening carefully to the result offers a glimpse into a more complex universe, where both music and lyrics convey beautiful and deep values.

After more than 200 shows, including tours in Colombia and Egypt, Que Tengo have drawn from their wanderings the emotion and inspiration of their first two EPs. Next stop: the studios, to create from their maturity and experience an album that will condense their course, from the intimate and deep atmosphere they started with, to the joyful and contagious exuberance of the second opus.

Seeing them perform live, the audience will discover the complicity that those four friends have woven. The audience will catch themselves smiling, dancing and singing, will hear a hymn to humanity, the need for a concrete dream of a better world that we must build together. This is the spring of hope; the summer will be human or the summer will not be!

Availability Europe > 2022-2023 all year long
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